Monday, February 4, 2008

Sports like Huey Lewis

Maine, where my girlfriend is from, has the best baseball mascot ever:

A MER-DOG! Named Sluggo. Or Slugger. Or Slurm.

Something like that.

Now, if I had a Baseball team, my mascot would either be

and be called "Super-hittin' Snackyfriends",


and be the "Morrissey Mopers".

As a third option, I would, as Baseball Team Leader(...Manager? Project Manager? Do baseball teams have project managers? Executive Assistants? CEOs?)/Project Manager, consider:

"The Jessica Fletchers".

Ignore the safari hat: she KNOWS. Trust me, scum, she knows.

When will some two-bit American wanna-be-electro duo call themselves "Jessica Fletcher" and dance around onstage in pink panty/bra sets playing keytars? Anyone with friends in a band can take this one for free. I'm glad to be of service.


Barbara Friend Ish said...

I know it isn't what you *said*, but now I am stuck with the mental image of Herself in the lingerie ensemble. Thanks a lot, now I've gotta go saw off the top of my skull and send someone in with steel wool and bleach.

Perhaps alcohol, by a less direct method of application...Yeah. I'll try that first.

amanda said...

Russ, I would like you to know something. "For the record." I read your blog and thoroughly appreciate the fact that your sense of humor/appropriateness/general view on life is quite similar to mine.

Soon my friend, very soon, I would like to enlist your brain in the service of screenplay. Erm.. by which I mean the writing of said aforementioned screenplay. Together, you and I would be an indie film force to be reckoned with.