Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the past 24 hours...

In the past 24 hours, my life has been a blur of


and this

And, no doubt as a result of angst from the former being relieved by the latter, I wrote this as a part of my bi-monthly tour of duty over at A Good Blog Is Hard To Find

Axes fall. So do chips. So does the sky. The bottom? It drops like my stomach does when I use the word "unemployed" to refer to my status in the current socioeconomic climate. A friend on twitter (or a "twal" as they're referred to in the arcane infantile rebranding of babytalk portmanteaus that passes for a network-specific "language" on there)has informed me that I need to be more sensitive (let's say sensitiver) to the branding needs of all of us super-literate now-jobless folks awash on the dirty, jellyfish-laden shore of the book world. As such, at my friend's request, I am not "unemployed", I am "self-employed". Actually, in terms of putting a big, bright, ravey-yellow smiley face sticker over the stigma of being jobless, I by far prefer the term "under-employed".

At the moment, I am MOST DEFINITELY under-employed...

You should read the rest. It introduces a Springsteen comparison that it fails to fully utilize or flesh out. But that's how I roll (failing to ever fully utilize or flesh out...anything).

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Jen A said...

I'm glad somebody else is also addicted to Firefly...it's some dang good stuff! Hi, by the way - just started reading because I read your post over at A Good Blog is Hard to Find and thought you were funny. And interesting.